Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Permission Form
Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Permission Form



Dear Parents and Students:

            The Elba Elementary School Internet Acceptable Use Policy is designed to provide guidelines for using the Internet in the classrooms, school media center, and labs of your school this year.  Please take the time to read this policy.  If you have any questions about it, please be sure to contact the school office at 897-2814.

            This policy must be read and signed both by the student and parent/ guardian, and then returned to your child’s homeroom teacher. Please return the signed forms as soon as possible, since you will not be given access to the Internet until you have agreed to this policy.

            Parents please note that if your child violates the terms of this policy, he / she may lose privileges or receive punishment as defined in the student handbook.  It is your responsibility to read and ask questions about this policy.


Please return this form to your teacher as soon as possible.


I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to all terms as outlined in the Internet Acceptable Use policy.  I further understand that this agreement will be kept on file at the school for the academic year in which it was signed.


My child may use the Internet while at school according to the rules outlined.

YES     NO      (circle one)


My child’s name or image may be used on the school’s web page. (A child’s full name and image would not be posted together on a web page.)

YES     NO (circle one)


I would prefer that my child not use the Internet while at school.


________(Place check here if you do not want your child to use the Internet.)


_____________________________              _________________________________

Student’s Name (Printed)                         Parent/ Guardian’s Name (printed)


____________________________                _________________________________

Student’s Signature                                              Parent or Guardian Signature