Textbooks and Library Books
Rules and Regulations Governing TEXTBOOKS AND LIBRARY BOOKS

2006 -2007


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Elba Elementary School will adhere to the following rules regarding textbooks and library books:

1)            Students are responsible for all books (textbooks and library books).

2)            If a book is abused, lost, or destroyed, the student must compensate for it.

3)            No student can be issued another textbook until he / she compensates for the lost or destroyed book.

4)            No student can checkout a library book if he / she owes for a lost or destroyed library book.


This is in accordance with Alabama State Law which states: “…The parent, guardian, or other person having custody of a child to whom textbooks are issued shall be held liable for any loss, abuse, or damage in excess of that which would result from the normal use of such textbooks.  In computing the loss or damage of a textbook, which has been is use for a year or more, the basis of computation shall be a variable of fifty to seventy-five percent of the original cost of the book to the State.  If such parent, guardian, or person having custody of such child to whom the textbook was issued fails to pay such assessed damages within thirty (30) days after notification, such student shall not be entitled to further use of such textbooks until remittance of the amount of loss or damage shall be made.”



This is to certify that I have received and read the “Rules and Regulation Governing Textbooks and Library Books.”  I understand that textbooks will not be issued to any student until the parent or guardian has signed this slip and returned the completed slip to the school.



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