About Our School

Mission Statement  

It is the mission of Elba Elementary School, with the help of the parents and the community, to provide a quality education in a safe environment.

Parent – Teacher Organization (PTO) / Parental Involvement

The Elba PTO is composed of persons who have an interest in the elementary children and the educational opportunities afforded them in the Elba Elementary School.  Every parent having a child in the elementary school is encouraged to join and participate in this organization. The organization sponsors several fund raising projects through out the school year as well as many family activities through parental involvement activities. PTO has NO membership fee.

History of Elba Elementary

On March 19, 1990, a devastating flood struck the city of Elba, destroying seventy-eight percent of the school system.  City leaders and citizens made the decision to rebuild the school away from the flood plain.  A state bond issue granting the school $12,200,000 and approximately $6,500,000 from federal disaster programs allowed the construction project to begin December 26, 1990 and the new school to open on September 8, 1992.

A General Music program was started at Elba Elementary School in the fall of 1993.  This program was for grades K-4 and served as an introduction to music before the students were offered Beginning Band classes in fifth and sixth grades.  The general music program was enhanced greatly during the 2000-2001 school year when the Music in Education program was added.  This is a computerized keyboard program that allows the music teacher to teach  keyboarding to the students and to observe each child's progress and understanding by monitoring them on the computer.  All fifth and sixth graders began this keyboard program during 2001-2002.

Since the fall of 1995, Elba Elementary has qualified as a Title I school.  This has allowed us to receive federal funds that have been used to buy needed supplies and to pay salaries for the English as a Second Language teacher, aides, and the school nurse.

The Alabama Reading Initiative has been a part of Elba Elementary School since the 1999-2000 school year.  This program, funded by the State Department of Education, is a research-based initiative with a goal of 100% literacy for the state of Alabama.  The faculty participated in a two-week Summer Academy in June of 1999 that provided intensive training in effective reading instruction.  The teachers are seeing positive progress in the students' reading scores and feel that the information learned and being used from this program has produced exciting results.

Each classroom at Elba Elementary School has 3 networked computers that are used extensively in the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs.  Teachers also have access to a computer lab when they need more computers for research projects

Philosophy of Elba Elementary

“Excellence for Every Student”

The faculty and staff of Elba Elementary School believe that the school exists for the students.  The primary goal of Elba Elementary School is to provide a program that will help each student grow mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.  We recognize individual differences in students; therefore, we believe a variety of learning experiences in all curriculum areas should be made available to the students. We believe each student must be placed on an academic level where he/she can attain a reasonable degree of success.  We believe that pride in self and school is essential to achieve our primary goal.

The faculty and staff of Elba Elementary School believe that school should promote leadership, self-discipline, a positive self-concept, and respect for rights and opinions of others.  This will aid in each student's total growth and better equip the student to become a productive citizen in our changing society.

Elba Elementary School must continually assess the needs of the community and be willing to modify the school's goals and objectives in order to meet these needs.

The school believes that parents and citizens of the school community should be actively involved in the school, as they possess resources that will enrich and expand the school program.